Tuesday, 1 June 2010

KF-01 Bagpipe Whiskey - Unedibles

Here it is....... our first release from label founder Bagpipe Whiskey aka Benjamin Mason.
Unedibles is experimental in nature expect to hear a mish mash of genres from trash pop to glitch punk. Click pic to download x


01. Dennniss Onions
02. Hinges (mix 3)
03. Erica Is A Machine
04. McJones
05. This Is A Chicken
06. Wolf = Tuxcedo
07. Nostrich
08. Eat Wood
09. Gypseed
10. Trampscendental Medication
11. The Panther
12. Merry Croistmuus

All Music written and recorded by Benjamin Mason
Artwork by Katherine Morgan

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