Thursday, 16 September 2010

[KF-03] Min-Y-Llan / Bagpipe Whiskey - The West Coast

Third release from Pembrokeshire based netlabel Kift Flipper. Pembrokeshire's finest electronica artists come together for this split album. Expect a Jekyll and Hyde combination of beautiful ambient soundscapes and twisted folktronica...
01 Lost Frame (High Tide)
02 Oes Anifeiliaid Anwes Gyda Ti?
03 Regulate Condition
04 Dentaguls
05 Falling Fast (Someone Catch Me)
06 In Purness
07 To Fall In Love With Music
08 Cozmofrog Hop
09 Utopian Shrooming
10 Everything's Going to be Fine
Album Artwork by Jessie Mason

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