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[KF-09] Broken Moods For House Kites - There There, Their Not

[KF-09] Broken Moods For House Kites - There There, Their Not

Cat No: [KF-09]

Release Date: 22/01/2012


Oar in hand, Circular motion
Speed up! Speed up!
Create a whirlpool, Down you sink
Look up! Look up!
It starts to freeze over, Gaze up the ice well
Give up! Give up!
Blocks of pennies and pounds, Cannot be thrown up and down
To provide me with wishes, To leave these cryonic fishes
So I turn to my new home,The octopus rendered in full stretch
Giving me all that I have left

But I could start a business, Not like Birdseye, nor Findus
'Cause these stalactite tentacles, I see that maypoles are rentable
Or a joust using icicles, While mounted on tricycles
Or tell me what you think, To a fully operational rink
Dancing! Hockey! Skating!, Inclusive ice-tea while waiting
So sit and be rapt, I'll get Balanchine to adapt
Just cast some money, Down this well
Or, please, please, just send down a rope, To help me out of this
It's all idiocy, Carried out in secrecy


01. Cheerful Amateurism
02. Gambol (Creamice)
03. The Shout
04. The Blank Acrostic
05. Bygone Vamp
06. There There, Their Not
07. Adventures In Dentures
08. Near Berceuse


All songs written, played and produced by Marc Davies
Featuring: James Ouzman - Lead Guitar on 'The Shout'
Marc Lee - Morpheum on 'Adventures In Dentures'
'The Shout' contains samples from the film of the same name(1978)
Artwork by Laura Redburn



http://cardboardcities.co.uk/ - Laura Redburn

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